Blood Cabin (2016) - Short Film

In a distant future, a Soldier is dispatched to a far away planet to eliminate a population of clone terraformers to make-way for new settlers. With one last mission remaining our Soldier discovers a horrible secret about herself, and the mission she has been so loyal to.

​​​Welcome to the Boneyard

A violent spirit seeks retribution on a couple for the past sins of another.

The emotional journey of a Canadian World War Two soldier as he must decide between survival and self sacrifice.

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Outpost Alpha - Short Film

With their wives going out for the night, four long-time friends decide to have a poker night, where old emotions and new dramas rear their ugly heads.

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Mark & Steve vs the Woods

Unaware of a Cabin's bloody history, two struggling writers decide to spend the weekend in the woods finishing their script. Soon all hell breaks loose.


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The Hole (2014)- Short Film

Kate Evans casts jaded 90s TV star Blake Grimes to host her webseries on the paranormal. The one drawback is this former horror icon has a bad habit of attracting real demonic forces.