Teaser/Trailer Production Crew

Directed by Steven Stiller

Written by Mark Wilmot & Steven Stiller

Executive Producer - Steven Stiller

Executive Producer - Mark Wilmot

Associate Producer - Rob Amar

Cinematography - Thomas Billingsley

Camera Assist - Brandon Wright

Film Editing - Phil Jack

Assistant Director - Shelby Sloat 

Script Supervisor - Dan "The Beard" Robichaud

Grip / Gaffer - James L. Head

SFX Make-up - Colleen Rae Worger

Visuel FX Supervisor - Darvin K. Manwah

Craft Services - Alicia Albrecht

Creatures Hands  - Mikeala Bree Peterson

Sound Design & Score - Ola Kostet

Sound Mixer / Boom Operator - Shawn Yeo

Watch the Trailers here:​

Mark & Steve vs the Woods

Micro Teaser 1


Unaware of a Cabin's bloody history, two struggling writers decide to spend the weekend in the woods finishing their script. Soon all hell breaks loose.


Steven Stiller - Steve

Chris Gauthier - Mark

Trailer - Version 2

Micro Teaser 2


In development.  Several trailers were produced in 2015 to help pitch this feature project. 

Trailer - Version 1