(Writer/Producer/Production Manager)​

Mark has been working in the Vancouver film industry since early childhood. First as an extra, with a few minor acting rolls, he made the move behind the camera at the age of 18. After graduating from UBC's Film Studies program in '07 he began working as a Production Assistant to pay the bills, all the while, working towards what would eventually become his production company: Creepy Corridor Pictures. In addition to his work with CCP, Mark works as an Assistant Locations Manager on a variety of feature films, MOWs, and TV series in and around Vancouver.

Creepy Corridor Pictures is a new Canadian independent film production company headed up by the producing and writing team of Steven Stiller and Mark Wilmot. The focus of this company is to create exciting, original and quality feature films.

​(Projects Manager/Production Co-ordinator)

Alicia was born and raised just outside of Vancouver, BC.  She began working in film in 2016 and quickly formed a strong working relationship with Mark and Steven.  She joined them on the trailer for Mark & Steve VS the Woods and has been a major player in the company ever since. Often referred to as the glue that holds the team together, Alicia is the guiding force of the group, keeping things on track and on time.


Steven was born and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. At the age of 19 he caught the acting bug and began to study acting and perform in various stage productions. After a decade of acting in local theatre, Steven wanted to expand his reach and began to produce and direct his own stage shows. After a number of successful production runs he landed a small actor role on a locally shot m.o.w. and he was hooked on the medium of film.  Finding little work to be had in his hometown, Steven packed up and moved to Vancouver, British Columbia, and immersed himself in the local film community.  Over the next few years he would find roles in student films  and indie productions before landing an agent and moving on to small roles in commercials and locally shot tv shows such as Stargate Atlantis and Psych.